Jan Noordegraaf , jointly with Lein Tange of ICL-IP were founders and joint co-director of PolystyreneLoop  Cooperative UA.

PolystyreneLoop is a unique Circular economy initiative, recycling EPS from construction  waste.  The process is removing a legacy chemical from  polystyrene, by a selective dissolution process.                                                                       

photo: Preparing for the general assembly 5th November 2017 in VOC costumes.






Jan Innograaf

The main phases in the project are:

0. Initiation
2 Funding
3 Construction
4 Start-up
5 Rollout


Phase 0 initiation

It all started with the awareness that a circular project was needed. This  was already going back as far as 2003 when the EPS loop of Fraunhofer IVV project in which  Synbra participated was started. HBCD material was supplied by ICL.

Phase 1 2015-2017 Awareness

Create awareness and set up a PolystyreneLoop  foundation (Stichting) to generate money for the first conceptual engineering and creating a  legal framework and apply for a LIFE grant.

Phase 2 2017-2019 Funding

Set up of a Cooperative ad a BV as entity for value chain  cooperation.

Funding The PSLoop team raised 3,9 mil€ equity from its now 60 + members, ( below) plus  bank loans of 7,5 mil to build the plant in Terneuzen: In 2021 a COVID-19 bridging loan of  1,0 m€. was successfully applied for. 

An intensive phase with contact with all major banks , venture capitalist and a steep learning  curve 

Members and supporters separate jn.pptx

It took 3 months of talking to get the funds form the above members and supporters.  

Subsidies are a requirement  

The team realised a 2,7mil€ LIFE subsidy.  

Other relevant subsidies are WBSO SDE++, DEI+, REACT-EU and there are several more.  A lot of practical experience was gained to access all kind of funding options .  

The final product Loop-PS obtained 13,5% MIA 75% VAMIL status at the Dutch RVO list, a  world’s first for a recycled polymeric material with recycle content 

Phase 3 2020- 2021 Construction

After the completion of funding and the engineering a dedicated greenfield plant was built.  

In a real team effort , we succeeded to realise all from scratch and have gained important  experience in doing so. This in a time that everybody spoke about the need for a circular  economy, but few activities were actually implemented with success anywhere.

Form an engineering team

Using the teams network an engineering team was formed with an extensive experience.

Waste Legislation

Incorporation of the treatment process in international waste framework POP-BASEL guidelines  

Adherence for XPS processing with CFC’s emissions under to the Montreal protocol  Inclusion in the Dutch waste framework LAPIII sector plan 85 

A cross border waste notification system, find source of raw material.


Set up member agreements for the Cooperative, member accounts. Form a supervisory  board from the general assembly, representing all sectors of the industry, realise take off  agreements with the main users of the GPPS 

HR , Administration and Insurances

Set up an administrative system , create a finance function , organise recruitment of staff  and operators , join a collective labour agreement, obtain insurance for a difficult to ensure  recycling activity. Close 100% green energy supply contacts.

Team Construction

Phase 4 2021 Start up

In the middle of the COVID pandemic the team started up the plant 

Project tijdens corona
Phase 4

Phase 5 2023-2030 Roll out

The replication model is in compliance with the pledge that  EUMEPS has given to create a 40000 ton capacity in 10-15 years time.

After a difficult  period in Q4-2022 with 10-folding  energy prices and more money needed to finalise some essential investments, and an investor  that withdrew,  funds ran out on March 8th 2022 and unfortunately PolystyreneLoop BV discontinued. To complete the mission  a  new entity PSLoop BV may be created, that will have to try to continue  the PolyStyreneLoop project. Thus targeting  the recycling of HBCD containing EPS waste , as well as promoting  the  copy and paste of similar plants in Europe.

Replication potential identified in other material segments  

The cooperative model has attracted interest from the clothes recycling branch, PVC flooring  branch , the cork stopper industry and the PE processing industry. 

The use of the process for WEEE and Automotive plastics containing brominated flame retardants is a huge prospect  and as such it has been included in the Dutch National Growth fund (Groeifonds) , initiated by the NPPR , as part of demonstrator project D12.




PolystyreneLoop won the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 – Climate highlights.

Polystreneloop winner 2020 Climate
EZK award]

And PolyStyreneLoop was runner up in the EZK 2021 energy award EZK Energy 

Alix Reichenecker received the runner up prize

November 2021 Winner of the ICIS Innovation award for SME companies

Polystreneloop winner SME

#PolyStyreneLoop is the winner of the best Innovation by an SME as awarded at the live official ceremony today by ICIS during their well attended seminar. It confirms that #EPS is a well recognised insulation material known for its outstanding recycleabillity. The jury was impressed by the number of participants in the Cooperative and the fact that there is already a demoplant built to produce #LoopPS .