Developed in 2008 a novel Polylactic Acid (PLA) based E-PLA foam; 

Realised the creation of a PLA polymerisation plant (10mil€ project), still the only one ever built in Europe. It served as the template for the 75 kt plant of TOTAL Corbion in  Thailand.

The design and construction of the 5 kt PLA plant partnering with Sulzer Chemtech and  Corbion was awarded the Frost and Sullivan Award in 2008.  

Picture below from Sulzer brochure 


Together with Suikerunie and the then called Purac, a replication into a 75 kt plant was  studied including a full LCA by Utrecht university , but it was later decided by Purac to  build the plant in Thailand and this design is now again used to build a plant in France  for 100kt . Green deal 2018 nr GD110  with the Dutch gouvernment. 

The plant made PLLA, PDLA and star shaped PLA polymers as well as low molecular  PLA . also it made a non crisping PLA copolymer for a far Eastern blue chip company as well as  low molecular meso PLA.

Sustainability innograafSustainability innograaf
Dutch Grown Biopolymers

Awards for PLA and E-PLA 

2008 Winner of the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Of The Year Award PLA  polymerisation process.


2011 Accenture Blue Tulip award for C2C high heat IM PLA, Group Consumer products  and Agri; Category: “making more out of less ” and gained an EPEA Cradle to Cradle  status

Innovation awards
Innograaf Jan Noordegraaf

2009 Winner gold sustainability medal awarded by the Dutch Rubber and Plastics Federation.

#1 of the 2010 MKB top 100  

Earmarked most innovative company in the Netherlands 

Jan innograaf polystrene

Third Price in Dutch 2010 packaging “De gouden Noot”  

Winner ‘Nederlandse Bouwprijs 2011’ at construction exhibition in Utrecht (NL). Winner of the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Of The Year Award 2011 for E-PLA .


2001 Award that Synbra Polymers Ltd received from Valpak (UK) in 2001 for the best  program to increase recycling capacity. Focussing on PP recycling


E-PLA examples in construction and in packaging  

Packaging applications

3D print Innograaf

3D Print Reel




All kind of disposables


Biofoam beads

Bicycle Leak detector with E-PLA beads


Refrigerator System

Refrigerator bottom


Construction applications

Industrieterrein Innograaf
Construction application]

Obtained certifications


Worlds first carbon neutral foam according to PAS 2060

Material health silver

Material health certificate 

Product Optimization Summary

  • Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Banned List Compilant
  • Material Health optimization strategy developed
  • No exposure from carcinogens, mutagens, or reproductive toxicants
  • Meets VOC emissions testing requirements
Processed Polymer

LCA Tool 2.0, based on LCA according to ISO 14040 & 14044, prepared by Tobias Borén  (AkzoNobel) and reviewed by Martin Patel (Utrecht University) review Thinkstep Sept. 2016

Special performance application of polymers


Developed HT-EPS a high temperature resistant performance polymer of PS and PPO,  used in extensively in next generation window insulation  

HT-EPS polymer

Water treatment beads

2,700 tons of EPS delivered for the Paris water treatment plant. Here, an installation was  built for processing wastewater for 8 million inhabitants. 

Water breads 2700 tons
Water breads EPS
Polystrene factory visitors

Extruded X-EPS

HT200 in sterilizable substrates for tomato cultivation and coloured X-EPS for the identification of horticultural  trays (UK)

Tomato culvitation

At Innograaf we keep looking for new product material combinations to unlock the full potential.

New material
Polystrene material

The new shuttering system was first introduced at the construction fair Bouwbeurs. Thanks to a modified extruder coloured strips and coloured strips can be made here for this application.

Shuttering system

May 1st  2024 Formal start of Project BRAVE

Biologisch Recyclebaar Alternatief voor Verpakken met EPS (Biologically Recyclable Alternative to Packaging with EPS )

European and regional contribution for a biologically recyclable alternative to EPS

A biobased and biodegradable alternative to EPS (expanded polystyrene) packaging materials based on starch foam. With a new process technology, companies from Barneveld, Doorn, Ede and Enschede in the Netherlands will start working towards the goal of developing a sustainable alternative for packaging products heavier than 5 kilos. This alternative is recyclable, just like paper, but can also be composted.

Products, such as heating and ventilation equipment, furniture and white and brown goods, are currently packaged with fillers and corner pieces based on expanded polystyrene (EPS). There is an increasing need in the market for alternatives. Not only because legal restrictions are imposed in some parts pf the world,  but also because companies and consumers demand to have a choice . The material to be developed by the  project partners must have comparable properties to EPS with regard to density, resilience, tensile and bending strength, but with a low carbon footprint.

The consortium consists is led by Paperfoam B.V. and consists of the  following five partners: PaperFoam B.V. from Barneveld, Innograaf B.V. from Doorn, Thermoware Particle Foam Machinery B.V from Barneveld, Jadima Fijnmetaalwerking from Ede and Vaventis from Enschede. Together they receive a subsidy of €583,538 from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), with co-financing from the province of Gelderland and Overijssel. The total investment costs amount to € 1,167,077.

The entrepreneurs have submitted a subsidy application for the project to the European Fund for Regional Development in the East of the Netherlands

The contribution is a subsidy for test and demonstration projects. This subsidy is intended for testing new applications and solutions from SME’s, so that innovations can be brought to the market more quickly. Innovations are important for the competitive position of companies and therefore for the regional economy. EFRO OOST  is a European subsidy program to which the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel also contribute. Helga Witjes, deputy for Economy & Innovation of the province of Gelderland: “For an increasing number of companies in our province, circular working is no longer a future but an everyday practice. They know this is the only way forward. They earn money and create new jobs with circular innovations.”
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