29 patents granted and 28 articles to date

2021 Article Press Release Polyphen English final
2021 Article EDI special publication
2021 Article kunststof en rubber
2020 Patent shockpads
2020 Patent Artificial turf installation
2020 Article NRK
2020 Article EDI polystreneloop
2019 Article LCA for Eol of EPS
2019 Article Foamex development of a stable extrusion fomaing
2018 Patent Artificial turf suitable for sports fields
2019 European Commission  Factsheet  incl. PLA foam by COWI, Bio-Based World News  Feb’19 p15-18
2018 Article LCA for Eol of EPS
2018 Article BioFill Sustainable high density foams EUBP Berlin
2017 Patent Container for liquids
2017 Patent A reel
2017 Patent method for recycling EPS foams
2017 Article PLA Particle Foam bioplastics magazine
2017 Article recylcing of flame retarted waste polystrene foams EPS and XPS to ps granules free of hexabromocyclododecane hbdd
2016 Patent a modular composting acid
2016 Patent process for preparing a wood chip board
2016 Patent Process for producing foam mouldings
2016 Article European Bioplastics Zandonella
2013 Patent Method for the production of foam moulded parts (continuous process)
2013 Patent method for the production of foam moulded parts
2013 Patent Elektromagnetisch straling absorberende en randbestendige materialen
2013 Article Biosplastics magazine substrates
2013 Article biobased world Hef Belasting
2012 Article VDI particle Foam
2012 Patent Growth substrate for plants
2012 Patent compound comprising plla and pdla
2012 Article Building on the benefits of EPS Shell Venster
2012 Poster Duurzaam substraat
2011 Patent Particulate expandable polymer
2011 Article A comparitive LCA
2009 Patent Acqueous aluminosilicate gel forming compostition
2009 Article Expanded PLA as particle foam
2009 Patent Active carbon
2008 Patent Aqueous compositions
2008 Patent PLA PS mix Ploymer Mixture
2008 Patent method of manufacturing a fire retardent composite
2008 Article Coated particulate expandable polylactic acid
2008 Article Synbra PLA
2008 Article PLA Biopolymers
2008 Article Cobouw onbrandbare EPS
2007 Pantent Method for producing a starting material for a foamed moulded product
2006 Patent Particulate expandable polystrene EPS
2006 Patent Method for manufacture of a fire retardent composite
1999 Article Optimising The Parylene Process for Sensor applications SENSOR 99 procedings
1998 Patent Method for production of master alloys for grain refining treatment of aluminium melts
1998 Article coating
1998 Patent Centrifugal casting of metal matrix composites
1998 Paryelene Conformal coatings medical devices
1997 Patent centrigugal casting of metal matrix composites
1997 Article Conformal coatins using Parylene polymers Medical device technology
1997 Article Abstract C-shield parylene allows major wieght saving for EM schielding of microelectronics
1994 Patent Sn alloy bullet therefor
1990 Patent Aluminium strontium master alloy and process of making the alloy
1990 Patent Al Sr Masterally
1990 Article The effectiveness of a grain refiner with a built-in energy content
1990 Article Quality assurance in master alloy production – Aluminium
1990 Article Aluminium masteralloy with reduced intermetallic phase size open up windows for new applications
1988 Article The SPC application in the production of Aluminium Masteralloys
1987 Article Interrelations between aluminium grain refining by means of aluminium titanium boron alloys and the number of growth centres
1980 Folder Metaalkunde folder met interview



Jan can be hired to chair Congresses, like e.g., Biobased Performance Materials

Moderator and keynote speaker  of  BPM congress to be held on June 16th 2022 in Wageningen

2018: Spokesman for the EPS branch on National television in Zembla broadcast on fire safety of EPS in construction.

2020: Chaired strategy sessions for a US based packaging company to evaluate alternatives and comparative costings for plastics, aluminium and natural products.