Technical Questions

Innograaf specialises in answering technical questions about EPS, EPP, PLA, PBAT, CE and other biobased polymers that are not easy to answer and supports implementation.

  • Helping companies making the change from single use EPS to other types of material
  • Helping companies change production from fossil-based polymers to biobased polymers,
  • Assist in realising carbon neutrality certification PAS2060 for products
  • Assist in EAD/ETA certification for new materials not yet available on the EU market
  • Mapping the EU recycling legislative landscape for special foamed polymers.
  • Propose a simple test for determining pentane and water content in EPS
  • Advice on best practice for pentane and VOC abatement for polymer production factories
  • Biobased materials that do not qualify as a microplastic under the new ECHA legislation

Some recent projects:

· May 2019-Nov 2019 Helping a producer that make  machines for disposables to identify new markets and new materials ,that are not affected by the SUP directives

· Oct 2019-March 2020 advise on  microplastics issues for a new glue backing and filament systems for a Nordic artificial turf system producer

· 2021 Advising an Far eastern  blue chip company to position traditional products  and work on recycling options for this, meeting current legislation , give advise on blowing agent emission legislation during manufacturing

· Dec 2019- Jan 2023 ; EU consultant for Eastman Chemicals , a US based blue chip company on positioning a novel biobased / recycle content polymer in the EU market

·Oct 2020 Project with  Dutch NOM  investment agency on reopening a 20 year old PLA plant.

·June 2022-Oct 2022; Contributed as one of the consultants used by Kirkbi during the technical due diligence phase, to assist in the assessment of the solvent based recycling technology for PE polymer. KIRKBI A/S, is the family-owned holding and investment company of the LEGO® brand.    Under the agreement, LyondellBasell and KIRKBI will become minority shareholders in APK and together with other co-investors will invest approximately 130 million Euros in APK.


Innograaf werken in fabriek

Ongoing projects:

  • Oct 2020 – 2024 ; advice on setting up the recycling polyester/cotton of garments using innovative dissolution technology.
  • 2022-2023 Participation in the EFRO project Building on Nature 
    Unlocking building blocks from nature to replace fossil raw materials  in plastics, foams, fibers and packaging
  • 2023 Mapping legislation and assist in identifying market opportunities for internationally operating companies in relation to using  biobased feed stock and application of polymers
  • Provide pragmatic guidance to SME’s for preparing for the 2025  ESG (Environment , Safety and Governance)  policy as party of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive)  
  • March  2020- ongoing. EU representative for incombustible EPS